Controlling Cavities

Prevention is paramount when it comes to cavities.

Here are some simple routines that will go a long way in preventing and reducing cavities:

Fluoride treatments and sealants are also options for some children. Speak with our educated team about whether or not either option would further assist in preventing cavities in your child’s teeth.

  • Adopt the habit of brushing and flossing twice daily. Make it fun for your child by purchasing them a special toothbrush, or playing their favorite tune while brushing to ensure they brush for the recommended duration (at least two minutes)!
  • Avoid tacky, sticky candies that get wedged between teeth.
  • Encourage your child to swish with water after a snack or meal. Especially, if he or she is not able to brush and floss right after the snack or meal. (Such as after school nutrition breaks).
  • Bring your child to regular dental check ups and cleanings. Usually a child should receive dental checks ups and cleanings every six months. Most insurance plans allow children to attend the dentist once every six months. Check with your insurance to see what you are eligible for.



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